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How to Give Critical Feedback

How to Give Critical Feedback

Featuring Catherine Stewart

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Why is it so important to be skilled at giving critical feedback? 

  • It's essential if you're going to work well together over the longer term. 

  • Need to ensure everyone understands standards; getting continuous feedback enables the team to hit goals and keep improving as individuals.

How can new managers develop their skills in this area? 

  • Remember that you don't always have all the information; ensure you don't have a misinterpretation of the context for any observed behaviors. 

  • Provide feedback immediately (or at least very soon) after noticing the behavior (also ensures if you have misinformation, it is cleared up quickly) 

  • Give critical feedback in private (avoids embarrassment or awkwardness) 

  • Ask the recipient how they think things went - it gives them a chance to provide full context.

  • Describe what you saw & the impact (e.g., how it influenced the meeting and the person's credibility, etc.). 

  • Talk about how you would avoid the situation in the future and how you would do it differently (both manager & direct report); how can you as a manager help the person stay accountable to commitments and allow them to practice skill sets. 

  • Pair negative feedback with positive feedback & recognition; see the situation holistically - pull out what did work and what the person did well (but don't fabricate it) 

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