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Hello! Welcome to Growth Path. 🎧

We're excited to meet you.

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🎙 Audio courses for Professional Development. 🎧
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Hello! Welcome to Growth Path.

So what is Growth Path? 

We're a new startup that produces audio courses for professional development. Our first course is Management Level 1. 

Why management? Well, for one thing, we all have to do it. Whether you're managing your own life and schedule, a tough job, a busy household, or a small team, we are all constantly managing. 

Management only gets more complex over time. As you grow in your career, you will almost certainly be offered the opportunity to manage others. And the more people you manage, the more complex your world will be. We believe that there aren't enough great resources for new managers. We also think there aren't enough great mentors to go around. Our vision is to give you access to the best bosses, mentors & operators on *your* schedule. We do this by recording interviews with them on the sticky & difficult topics that will empower you to be a better manager. 

The first series within Management Level 1 is called Difficult Conversations & Navigating Conflict. We start with basic skills like how to listen, how to talk about your feelings, how to build trust, and how to say no. We then get into working with others - how to disagree politely, own your mistakes, give critical feedback, deliver bad news, and handle an emotional colleague. The last section is on performance & career management. There we'll cover how to say no to a raise, confront a direct report, fire someone with humanity, negotiate a job offer, and ask for a promotion. 

We have a fantastic guest teacher for this series. Her name is Catherine Stewart, and she's been an executive in Silicon Valley for over a decade. Our lessons are heavily researched and scripted to ensure they are both comprehensive & efficient. We supplement each lesson with written notes and links to further resources so that you can dig in or refer back at a later time. 

For now, all episodes are free. But, starting soon, we'll be moving episodes behind the "members-only" paywall. Memberships are $20/month or $200/year. If you have an education stipend with your company, we highly recommend you use it! 

All right, that's it for now. We are excited to dig in and meet you! Feel free to drop us a line anytime. 

Onwards & up! 

~ Michelle & The Growth Path Team