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1. Have you found the content helpful yet?

Yes. I had already personally identified that getting better at prioritization was going to be my biggest professional development focus this quarter. Admittedly, it's been a while since I first learned these principles in business school, and I've found myself slipping away from holding my self accountable to them over the past 4 years as a manager. .

After listening to the episode, I implemented an Eisenhower matrix within Notion that allows me to dynamically track my backlog of work and share it with my VP. Not only does it help her help me prioritize in our 1:1s, but it helps me stay on track throughout the week

2. Any favorite parts?

The discussions around momentum, flow, and how to say "no." Getting better at saying no is something I want to work on next once I'm feeling really comfortable with my prioritization framework, because I find that trying to say "yes" to every initiative leads to a lot of context switching, and less getting done overall.

3. What could have been better?

I liked the new format but I still really enjoy hearing from guest speakers. It would be nice to rotate between formats, and not go completely in one direction vs. the other

Also, just wanted to thank you for putting together the "more info" guides. They are very comprehensive and good take-away resources I can share with my team.

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